Philodendron Verrucosum Plant Care

Family: AraceaeBotanical name: Philodendron Verrucosum

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Philodendron Verrucosum is definitely the favourite 'child' in my plant collection. I love the striking colour of the leaves throughout their lifecycle. Emerging with a bold yellow and red when unfurling, the deep red underneath the leaves and the morphing into different shades of green after maturing.

There are lots of different types of Philodendron Verrucosum each with more mesmerising leaves and colours. You can see few of them here.

In a nutshell, if you want to grow Philodendron Verrucosum, be prepared to provide good humidity (mine thrives in 60%+ humidity), provide good light and give it a bit of time to get the watering right.


Like most Philodendron, the Verrucosum can survive in slightly lower light but if you want those striking leaves then make sure you provide this plant with bright indirect light. Avoid direct sun expose as this could burn its delicate leave.


Keep soil evenly moist during summer. During colder months let the soil dry slightly in between watering.


Minimum 60% humidity


For a standard plant setup (meaning no humidity rooms or grow lights), fertilise during spring and summer with a regular houseplant fertiliser.

Moisture level

If you use a moisture meter to measure your soil I would advise keeping the moisture level around 4.