Anthurium Warocqueanum Plant Care

Family: ArumsBotanical name: Anthurium warocqueanum

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Anthurium warocqueanum, also known as the queen anthurium, it's a species of plant part of the Anthurium genus. They are native to Colombia, and in the right environment, they can grow absolutely immense.

A. warocqueanum it's an epiphytic tree plant, meaning that they grow upon other plants and trees, and can be grown in a soil-less substrate. The Queen is best grown in a greenhouse where growing conditions can be controlled.

Did you know?

A. warocqueanum is not the easiest plant to look after and requires more experience to grow them successfully.


Like most Anthuriums, A. warocqueanum doesn't require direct light but more medium indirect light. If you are using grow lights keep them a bit further away from the bulbs.


This will depend based on the substrate grown in. Since Anthurium Warocqueanum it's an epiphytic plant it can grow in a soil-less substrate. I keep it in bark and moss and water when the moss feels dry until the water comes through the bottom of the pot.


This anthurium it's a humidity lover. An environment of 70%+ it's a must.


Feed during the growing season.

Moisture level

Keep the substrate evenly moist. Don't let it dry out too much.