Alocasia Dragon Scale Plant Care

Family: AraceaeBotanical name: Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale

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Living up to his name, this Alocasia truly is something else. I have named mine Drago from his name so hopefully he doesn't hate me for it.

Alocasia plants are native to Asia and, under the right conditions, can grow huge (as tall as a tree).

All Alocasia plants are poisonous so keep away from pets and kids.


Grows well in bright filtered light. Keep away from direct sun.


Keep moist, not saturated. This means watering when the soil starts drying but don't let plant sit in water. Like most plants, Alocasia will require less water during the winter when the plant it's dormant.


Feed with a balanced fertiliser in summer, spring and fall. If you fertilise too much the soil will start showing signs of salts building up and the leaves will start developing burns patches.

Moisture level