Plant care from A-Z

Variegated Rubber Plant
24th Feb

Variegated Rubber Plant Care

The Variegated Rubber Plant is pretty easy to care for compared with some of my other plants, as long as it has the right amount of light and you don't overdo the watering routine.

Rubber Plant
17th Feb

Rubber Plant Care

It's always been a massive low maintenance plant for me and being in such a big pot has meant it doesn't need watered as often as it holds moisture for much longer.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
16th Feb

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

A bit dramatic and temperamental, but the Fiddle Leaf Fig is definitely worth the trouble work.

Boston Fern
14th Feb

Boston Fern Care

A pretty easy going fern (if such thing exists) as long as you miss your watering schedule.